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Feb 1, 2019
This is a post that was originally posted by
tharkadharshana on ham5teak's enjin page.
No edits and fixs where made. You see the original forum at this link.

-Starts Here-

Some unique features in ham5teak server.

1.You can't craft enderchests and hoppers (have to buy them)
2. Falling into void won't kill you
3. Creepers don't blow
4.Can you vote tokens to fly

Things to take note about SkyBlock :
1. Your plot is about 105 blocks long and 104 blocks wide ( 105x104 )
2. Nether is activated in SkyBlock.
3. Your Island starts at layer 149.
4. When you die, you DROP your experience points and items
5. Through voting, you can get ingame cash,tokens. ( Money Saver )

SB, is a challenge where you have to survive and expand your Sky Island using only the resources they provide. ( No worries, what they gave you are mostly renewable and you can buy most of everything in shop)
You may find it difficult and boring at first, but as you progress, you will be able to get your resources at a much quicker rate, thus speeding up your process to be at the top in the ranks.

This island is made up of approximately :
80 Dirt Blocks
1 Chest
3 Sand ( should be located under the tree )
1 Oak tree
1 Bedrock ( should be located under the sand )

The chest contains :
2 Ice
1 Melon Slice ( DO NOT EAT IT )
1 Cactus
1 Lava Bucket
1 Red and 1 Brown Mushroom (PROTECT THEM WITH YOUR LIFE)
1 Pumpkin Seed
1 Sugarcane
1 bone

Step One:
I recommend you to turn bone into bone meal and bone-meal a grass block.then break the grass and get some SEEDs.
Step Two:
Break the tree and collect all the saplings ( Important! 1st break the leaves then the logs ).
Step Three:
Prepare to break some dirt, and create an infinite water source and a cobblestone generator.

Cobblestone Generator on the left, infinite water source on the right.
You can use infinite water source to all your farms and for cobblestone generator but i don't know how to explain it here.sorry!
(If i'm online ask me i'll show you how)

Step Four :
After you collect about 2 stacks of cobblestone, devote 32 to 64 of it to create a platform to relocate your cobblestone generator and water source.
Why? Because, we are going to destroy the dirt island, and relocate the dirt for other uses ( so you don't have to buy dirt from the skyblock shop, yet )

Step 5:
Destroy the dirt island (use a water bucket to go under you'r island and break all stuff safely)

Once you have destroyed all the dirt and sand, create a cobblestone platform at the same layer as the bedrock. This layer will be your main layer for you expand.

Now, all you have to do is to mine a few more stacks of cobblestone to expand your island. You will be building a tree farm, a sugarcane farm, and a general farm ( wheat, melon, pumpkin ).

As you expand your cobblestone island, you notice that monsters will spawn. That is normal. In fact, monster spawns are very useful for you.
Skeletons drop bone, which can be converted to bonemeal and used to speed up your crop growth. (btw zombies in ham5teak server will be OP for newbie players)

If you do not want monsters to spawn, simply create a furnace and smelt wood logs to create charcoal ( which is same as coal ) to light up your island.

That's all for now, as you will be busy mining cobblestone to continuously expand your island, and your farms.
The next thread will be a guide on completing challenges in SkyBlock!
Thank you for reading this thread, please correct my bad english!


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Jan 29, 2019

Some of the info is no longer true

1. You can craft enderchests and hoppers now. Just that placing hoppers will reduce your island level
2. Falling into the void kills you. We made it this way so it's more fun :)
3. Creepers don't blow up, only if you disable it in /is settings

4. You can vote for tokens to buy fly: Still very applicable and true. We won't probably ever remove that feature because it's so cool

Island and chest compositions are also no longer applicable because we now have multiple starter islands (we intend to add more soon, btw)

Other than that, great post!