Vgames Challenge Opening Launch 7pm GMT +8 (SGT)


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Sep 25, 2021
Vgames Challenge.


1. All players must pay a minimum of 10k money to the Vgames host to join the game.
2. No Items in inventory / No companions
3. You cannot pass through the games barrier if you do not clear everything.
4. All the above includes Staff players

Game Lobby
Upon going through the Barrier.

1. All players must read the signs if they wish to win the Grand Prize.

We will kill you if you cheated and you will be banned from Vgames.

To remove your ban will cost you $500000 money.

Please observe Survival Server rules that are applicable.

Vgames Host will give instructions during the games or remove you as they see fit.

Players who are found causing trouble will be reported to Server Staff.

Vgames would like to wish you good luck and enjoy the Challenge!

Vgames Creator