Jun 12, 2019
Hi, ive been playing in this server for more than an hour now, i really love the community in this server due to its very lovely players and staffs,

Earlier, i was bored on my previous server so i decieded to find smthn new, i then thought to myself why not play in the server my friend suggested? So from there i went straight right to skyblock (my favorite).

The ppl here are very nice as well as the staff who was the only one currently on,he hired me to do some building work for his/her sauron tower which i thought was very cool. I somehow managed to impress him/her with my building skills. I felt really touched when he complimented my work.

Ive been playing minecraft for i think 2 years now? 2017 and this year, 2019, i quitted the years in between since my pc's chips got burnt due to overuse 🤣.

It really would be a honour if i had the chance to gain the staffs' trus images (48).jpeg t. I wanted to show myself to the whole server here to start relationships with new comrades.

I am also planning to apply to be a part for the sever's building team. I will not rush things for this to happen, i will first prove that i am an active and loyal player here at hamsteak since ive only been here for a couple of hours 😀.

I hope this thread will make opportunities for you (whos reading this) and me to set those achievements and goals together in this terrific server!


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Active member
Jan 29, 2019
As the Owner of Ham5teak, that's pretty nice to hear :) . Most people here would just complain about bugs and other stuff so it's pretty rare to get a compliment. For a more active community, I recommend you join our discord server @Underwhelm