The future of Ham5teak (Part 2)

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Hello everyone,

It has been well over 4 months since the last "Announcements" post on the forums. I sure hope everyone is doing good amidst the COVID-19 situation, stocking up on keto and all to stay healthy. Anyway, let's get into it.

Change of Ownership
@Zenya4 will now officially be taking over ownership of Ham5teak. As such, the rest of the slave team will remain under him. Behind the scenes, I've already discussed this with me, myself and I but now it's official. As I'll now be part of the staff community in Ham5teak, my Discord DMs will now be closed. I'd like to request that players not DM me for any server-specific issues as I won't be doing anything about them. Also, in case you haven't noticed, this paragraph was completely not copied and modified from the original post.

Mistakes? What are those? According to Google, a mistake is "an act or judgement that is misguided or wrong". Fortunately, those don't happen here in Ham5teak so there is no need to worry about the definition. Ironically, you have just made a mistake by clicking on this post because you have just lost The Game. Haha, sucks to be you. However, a wise man once told me

and hence here you are, continuing to read this post.

Changes - now that's interesting. Before we delve into this, I'd just like to issue everyone a reminder that acceleration is the rate of change of speed. Interestingly, one can experience a negative speed even with a positive acceleration. Because like everything else, change takes time. If you've made it so far into this shitpost, please take away this one important message I'd like to share with everyone.

I'm really glad that Ham5teak is taking a change for the better. Truthfully, I quit the server so abruptly without much prior notice because I could not work well with the new staff team. We had different ideologies, concepts and ways of managing the community. This was not helped by how there were many external pressures irl forcing me to resign for this year, at least. The fact is, though, that @_Magician_ sure is the glue that gets everyone to stick together. Sure, he may not be the best when it comes to certain technicalities, but we all need time to learn and change. Under Mag, the server has prospered greatly and I'm genuinely proud. Also, a shoutout to @ItsMeYJ because he was the one pressuring me in Discord to let everyone know the true reason why I left.

Concluding Remarks
And here we are back to shitpost content. A conclusion is defined as a useless paragraph you are forced to write in your essay "because your teacher said so". As such, I'll be leaving it blank as it is. If you've made it so far before any admins (if any) delete this, good for you. Not gonna lie, this entire essay was slapped together in less than 30 minutes so do expect some grammatical errors (don't roast me for it). Last but not least, for everything apart from the 2nd last paragraph - Happy April Fools!

Unkind Regards,
Zenya4 AKA ßacon
Ham5teak Founder


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Not open for further replies.