Redstone Limit in the Skyblocks Server.

What Should we do with the Restone Limit

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Aug 1, 2020
Planet Earth
Ok. Redstone Limit on skyblocks. Although skyblocks is the most prone to lag machines due to island locking at the nature, limiting redstone has really put a stretch to players old and new alike. Although i realize that redstone limits are a unique thing about Ham5teak, 10 comparators, 48 hoppers, 6 slime blocks, and other restrictions have been limiting our creativity and the amount of redstone builds we can make.
Please consider removing it or at least making the limit higher. EX: 64 comparators, 128 hoppers, 24 slime blocks, 256 pistons, etc. This will help more players build what they want and give people a chance to let their redstone abilities shine.
I slapped this together in about 10 minutes so there are probably some grammar mistakes and whatnot. But in general, upvote this if you think the redstone limit should be increased or abolished.