Nickname and skin customization

Mar 11, 2019
This guide is about your skin and nickname customization on ham5teak server.

Skin customization:
If you want change your skin on server, but don't have premium account, you can change it using /skin command. You can browse internet, to choose what skin you would like to have on the server. Remember that someone who has premium has to have this skin on. Here is an example of a site you can use to search for skins.
Command usage: /skin [premium player username]
After changing your skin you will have to relog into the server!

Nickname customization:
To customize your nickname you will need /colors and /nick commands.
/nick command simply changes your nickname. Note: You can only change the color and style of your nickname without buying any rank, if you wish to change actual nickname to a different one, you will need at least vip rank, that you can buy here.
/colors command will show you what are color-codes for each color.
color command.png
Note: to make your nickname colorful and also be marked in bold, italic, ec. you should first use color code and afterwards style. Example: if you want to make your nickname red + bold use: /nick &4&l[nickname] (making /nick &l&4[nickname] will only make your nick red).

If you change your skin or nick in one of the playmodes (survival, skyblock, factions, ec.) your changes will be saved on all of the modes.
For more information feel free to ask any staff member.