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Feb 1, 2019
:sneaky: Hello, it is me, Ali.
Now I need to become the top messenger again. :cry:
*1) What are the "points" and what do you have to do to get them.
*2) The Staff Application isn't working and is there a way to become a web staff (moderator?).
3) Thanks for this: myonham.JPG my profile is number 34!
4) This is not as important but there should be a Bug Report or a something wrong report for the website under REPORTS & APPEALS or somewhere else.
*5) Wheres the suggestions??!! How am I going to you all the improvement that could be added!

And that is it for now when (see number 5) will become available I will post there.

Good site! (y)
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Jan 29, 2019
Hello @Ali ,

1. The points system is based on the number of posts you make, replies you make, likes you have, etc... If I am not wrong
2. Unfortunately, we have to rebuild the form for staff applications due to the website migration and I still have not quite gotten to it due to lack of time. For now, new staff members will be picked by existing managers. Existing staff members who are active on forums can apply to become wesbite moderators.
3. Ok.
4. You may report website bugs in the "bug report" forum here. The description for the forum has been updated.
5. Right now, whether or not suggestions are accepted depends on the server heads for each respective server. This is due to lack of time and a too large playerbase. We will try our best to improve the server, and implement fun events. You can check our discord server to see if the server you play in has a "suggestions" channel. If it does, you may put your suggestion there.

Hope these answer your questions :p
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