Can we have /ah

Hi all, I am suggesting for this server to get the auction house plugin as it will come in very handy in most cases and it will also be another way of selling items. And if there is any reason on why it can't be possible please reply as I want this plugin and/or feature to be implemented in the server. Anyway shoot me a reply if there is news about my post.
Hi, player shops are no where near /ah as its entirely a new concept in the other hand there is no possible way /ah can replace chestshops to whoever that thinks that. /ah is also another way of selling and everyone in the server can access it without going to look for a shop individually second of all it has a interface that chestshops can't do. I'm not saying chestshops are bad i'm just saying that /ah needs to be added to the server anyway. Whoever is responsible for adding plugins and generally has access to the server files please reply or dm me if this plugin cannot be added for any reason. This suggestion is not urgent its just a better additive to the server which is not gonna replace any compulsory buying methods in the server like chestshops but it is gonna making buying any selling so much easier and more accessible and the thing is i'm not the only one suggesting /ah there also other people suggesting /ah other than me and I also think /ah will be compulsory in the future. Thanks for your understanding.