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  1. HarleyQuin

    Invisible spiders?

    wait is there invisible creepers?????????
  2. HarleyQuin

    Invisible spiders?

    if there are flying spiders im am going to die of a heart attack when a spider jumps me like a creeper
  3. HarleyQuin

    all skins are not working at all

    i found out the problem, it had to do with my internet. thx for all the those that responded
  4. HarleyQuin

    all skins are not working at all

    ok thanks i will
  5. HarleyQuin

    all skins are not working at all

    idk why but when i get into ham5teak all i see for skins and heads are steve and only steve, it seems its only for me. im using the skaiacraft launcher V2.0 and im on 1.14.3 version. it started when skins first went down pls help i need to fix this. i dont feel like being a steve for the rest of...
  6. HarleyQuin

    When i connect to your server

    try remaking your password by setting up a ticket on discord support channel
  7. HarleyQuin

    Earning money

    don't do that people now don't do it because there is a limit to observers. do a neither wart farm, there easy for beginners. or make a shop in your island to sell stuff you don't need that others do. to make a player shop get a chest and put what you want to sell in it and only it then get a...
  8. HarleyQuin

    Why do you have to be registered to view my profile page?

    you can change it in your account settings if you like it or not
  9. HarleyQuin

    Invisible spiders?

    i have never heard of invisible spiders, good to know that.
  10. HarleyQuin

    More Space To Build

    you can also expand up and down like levels, that's what I did.