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  1. ItsMeYJ

    Giveaway Winners!

    Hey guys! Its been a week and the giveaway is now over :p Honestly I'm kinda happy people actually participated and the forums have obviously been revived due to me The winners are: 1st place(20 tokens) - sadloserr 2nd place(10 tokens)- jpmoshicraft123 3rd place(5 tokens)- uski12 The three of...
  2. ItsMeYJ

    300 Token Giveaway SV

    jezuz casually destroying my own giveaway :DDDDDDDDDDD ded deep inside
  3. ItsMeYJ

    To Kill a Spook (Survival Halloween Event Guide)

    extend event time pls
  4. ItsMeYJ

    epicly revival giveaway!

    Submissions so far have been disappointing but theres still hope U W U Max posts been set to 3 thx
  5. ItsMeYJ

    epicly revival giveaway!

    Hey guys, Since this forum is long ded I'll do a giveaway xD. Top 3 get 20,10 and 5 tokens respectively Post a funny statement that makes me laugh and stand a chance to win uwu and if theres less than 10 people who participate I won't do it. Maximum three posts per guy only okay and alts aren't...
  6. ItsMeYJ

    What has Ham5teak become?

    ban weebs and give forum rewards :thinkxd:
  7. ItsMeYJ

    How much does legendary keys cost?

    ill buy it