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  1. IzayaIII

    repair skil

    Repair is a skill in mcmmo, which require an iron block (aka mcmmo anvil) to repair the item. It use material of the tools (Iron pickaaxe -> Iron Ingot) to fix the tools. It will also remove/decrease the level of enchantment on the tools if ur repair level is not high.
  2. IzayaIII


    music plugin is currently facing some problem in Skyblocks 1.14 as i remember, so it's currently no function for that command
  3. IzayaIII

    Revenge - CaptainSparklez

    Side to side, side side to side
  4. IzayaIII


    @Gamingww Factions will be up in the end of the year, you can join our discord server to get the newest information.
  5. IzayaIII

    What symbols are acceptable in nicknaming?

    As long as it will not make others feel insult/uncomfortable then it's allowed I think.
  6. IzayaIII

    Sorry Guys

    D: hope u get ur file back soon MONGCHAW I'm on the same boat btw, the factory that is currently repairing my laptop got theft and my laptop's situation is now unknown We'll be waiting for u to come back after that, Good luck
  7. IzayaIII

    Count to 100

    99 It's almost there, keep going guys. I'm new btw, nice to meet everyone. @InstaTrapCorp @Ali not coming to get the last place?