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  1. HarleyQuin

    help i cant talk to anyone

    please help no one will answer me and its like im not even there, and they are talking but are not in the server please help me
  2. HarleyQuin

    why does no one play skyblock

    i just got back on for a while and i'm sad to see that there is no one on skyblock's anymore. i want the old skyblock back
  3. HarleyQuin

    the bee movie script

    According to all known laws of aviation,
  4. HarleyQuin

    a meme forum, therapist for magician or neither

    im going on a strike. THERE IS NO MEME FORM, some of us cant use discord because of boomers and there laws, we say no to that we dont need boomers in these parks. so we need a meme channel but what types of memes are there going to be *gasp*, thats right what type. thats why i posted this we...
  5. HarleyQuin

    type in one word how your day was then say why you said that one word/relax time

    i'm doing this so i can lift the spirits of everyone during the time. i want Ham5teak to stay as a friendly group of people that support others. this will also help make stress go away. here is my word happy, because i got some stuff done that was bothering me and i got to meet my friend this...
  6. HarleyQuin

    villager defense

    you know on the gamemode minigames theres villager defense and you pick a kit some kits say you need to buy from the store, were is the store and what is the money used for when you kill a zombie pls help
  7. HarleyQuin

    all skins are not working at all

    idk why but when i get into ham5teak all i see for skins and heads are steve and only steve, it seems its only for me. im using the skaiacraft launcher V2.0 and im on 1.14.3 version. it started when skins first went down pls help i need to fix this. i dont feel like being a steve for the rest of...