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  1. Zenya4

    The future of Ham5teak (Part 2)

    Hello everyone, It has been well over 4 months since the last "Announcements" post on the forums. I sure hope everyone is doing good amidst the COVID-19 situation, stocking up on keto and all to stay healthy. Anyway, let's get into it. Change of Ownership @Zenya4 will now officially be taking...
  2. Zenya4

    The future of Ham5teak

    Hello everyone, As all of you probably know, Ham5teak hasn't been doing that good in the past few months or so. We lost a big part of our player base, partially due to Minecraft being less popular, but mostly because of mistakes that we made. I want to deeply apologize for the mistakes that...
  3. Zenya4

    spooky event

    You can find this info on our discord server. But oh wait...
  4. Zenya4

    To Kill a Spook (Survival Halloween Event Guide)

    UPDATE: Increased spawn cycle and spawn amount
  5. Zenya4

    To Kill a Spook (Survival Halloween Event Guide)

    oh yea, made that mistake once or twice. Stupid memory location
  6. Zenya4

    To Kill a Spook (Survival Halloween Event Guide)

    I just coded it such that it specifically won’t spawn near a player named “uski12” if(player == "uski12") { return false }
  7. Zenya4

    To Kill a Spook (Survival Halloween Event Guide)

    Read the entire thread ^^. It’s mentioned in there.
  8. Zenya4

    To Kill a Spook (Survival Halloween Event Guide)

    No, those are drops from the custom mobs which will be introduced from 16th to 20th
  9. Zenya4

    To Kill a Spook (Survival Halloween Event Guide)

    EDIT: Added new section on drops & crafting
  10. Zenya4

    To Kill a Spook (Survival Halloween Event Guide)

    Spooktober is coming, and it's gonna come down hard on Ham5teak, Survival. The Spooks and the Doots are invading! Spook Hitpoints: 100 Defence: 80% Knockback Resist: 25% Speed: Fast Attack: Melee Attack Strength: Medium Attack Speed: High Special: Chance of spawning with smaller hitbox and...
  11. Zenya4

    epicly revival giveaway!

    Does that mean I win the 30 tokens?
  12. Zenya4

    epicly revival giveaway!

    There were so many Ham5teak classics pinned in #memes. It’s a shame that y’all may not understand there due to the severe lack of context
  13. Zenya4

    What has Ham5teak become?

    Yo, Was gone for a month or so but now I'm back. Chatted a little, chilled a bit, and found out bits and pieces of what's been happening. So apparently the server got hacked (cool, always wanted that) three times (uHH overkill), and we got an awesome new spawn. Many new staff members, creative...
  14. Zenya4

    Enabling Buttons For Other people (Creative)

    Hello @Yeee , You can grant players access to use buttons in your claim by adding them to your claim with /accesstrust <player> If this is for plots, you can add the user to your plot instead
  15. Zenya4

    Question Re: Legend Kit in SkyBlock

    It's a one-time use only thing. If you want the rank (permanent), it can be found at our webstore
  16. Zenya4

    Need Help with Creative Server.

    Hi, please join our support channel at
  17. Zenya4

    Minecraft Crashes When Selecting Item In Inventory

    Have you tried reinstalling Minecraft? Also, use the official launcher if possible, with the version 1.13.2
  18. Zenya4

    Can't login

    Hi, please request for support at instead
  19. Zenya4

    Ham5teak 2nd Anniversary Speech [18 July 2019]

    Hello everyone, Today we celebrate the official anniversary of Ham5teak! Now, get ready for a really long speech that you will most likely not want to read. Early Beginnings Our server started back in 18 July 2017, when some kid decided, "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to just start a Minecraft...
  20. Zenya4

    Ham5teak 2nd Anniversary Sale - 50% off EVERYTHING

    Oh yes, it's finally the month of our second anniversary. It's also been a while since we last did a sale so I was thinking, why not have the price of everything halved? There will be a 50%-off sale for all packages in our webstore from 8th July 2019 to 14th July 2019 (1 week). This marks the...