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  1. Dewfoams

    New Member / Player

    welcome to ham5teak, i hope your channel runs smooth and well :)
  2. Dewfoams

    Confused cracked server noob

    Hello, here are some useful commands /tpa - Teleports to a player <needs permission> /tpahere - same as tpa but the other player teleports to you /hm - Player shop [Command to sell - /hm sell (Amount) (Quantity) (Price)] /hs - Server shop /bal - to check Gamemode currency [To send money -...
  3. Dewfoams

    Next event?

    I'm wondering what the next event will be? any ideas?
  4. Dewfoams

    Banner and stuff

    thanks Ali <3
  5. Dewfoams

    Banner and stuff

    How do you put banners / info under ur name? like NRDN's i have no idea how to do it.. someone explain pls
  6. Dewfoams

    spooky event

  7. Dewfoams

    Server Broken?

    ok weeb
  8. Dewfoams

    Server Broken?

    what is happening? why SV got money/vote reset? someone explain pls
  9. Dewfoams

    Invisible spiders?

    do spiders spawn with invisibility now? is this a feature or a bug? help
  10. Dewfoams

    Revenge - CaptainSparklez

    So we back in the mine
  11. Dewfoams

    spooky event

    when will the event end?
  12. Dewfoams

    Giveaway Delay

    understandable, hope i win xdddd
  13. Dewfoams

    epicly revival giveaway!

    understandable have a nice day