All Ham5teak Staff are expected to follow the rules listed below:

1. ALL Player Rules.

2. Do not use /i, /give, /enchant, /ce, ... to give yourself or any other players any items / enchantments. You are to obtain all materials legitimatly if you want to use them or give them to other players. The only exception for this is when fixing unfair player deaths (e.g tp-killing)

3. Use common sense. Do not abuse your permissions to give yourself or any other players an unfair advantage in any way

4. Do not punish players for no reason. Always remember [WARN] -> [KICK] -> [TEMPBAN] -> [TEMPBAN (Longer)] -> [BAN] (Or mute)

5. Do not use creative mode to build or pvp in Skyblocks or Survival. Creative mode is only allowed to fix raiding / griefing. (Though you can use a rollback command for it)

6. Never change any GroupManager permissions or add new groups. By default, even OPs aren't allowed to use certain commands. Do NOT bypass that with command blocks. You are also not to change any WorldGuard region flags. If you would like anything changed, contact the Owner instead.

7. Do not enforce your own rules. Always abide by the ones posted on this website. If you have any doubts about the rules, please the higher staff members. If you would like to change a rule, please contact the owners first. In any case, the Owner's decision is always final.

8. Never attempt to demote / ban a staff member that is higher than you, even if they are abusing their rank. If you find that they are abusing their rank, report it to the server Owner immediately, and include evidence.

If you choose to play PvP / Minigames

1. Must give back any items you pick up after a kill to their original owner. (If the items you used were from /i or /give, or you killed them unfairly)

2. May not use /fly, /vanish or /god.

3. Must be in /gamemode survival (/gms)

4. May not spawn in items or enchant items for yourself or anyone else.

5. May not /tp yourself to a player or /tp a player around the map/arena to gain an advantage.

6. May not change your /speed or adjust it for another player.

7. Do not use /more or /unlimited to duplicate items and distribute them to other players or horde them for yourself.

8. Do not use /kit to give players items.

If you want to build (with cheats like creative mode or worldedit):

1. Only build with the Owner's permission. Make sure your builds do not overlap any other admin or player builds. Do not change any existing builds without the original builder's permission. (unless the build is inappropriate)

2. Never edit spawn. Even minor edits to the spawn are not allowed. Should you feel the need to add something, please contact the Owner so that we can discuss about it. If you would like to add anything to the existing spawn, please tell the server Owner in advance.

3. Do not set warps with /setwarp. It will mess up the warp list, and confuse the new players. If you would like to teleport there easily, use /sethome instead.

4. You are allowed to build for other players, as long as it's in survival mode, and all materials used for building are gotten legitimately. You are not allowed to use worldedit to fill / use gmc to help build, even if the player gives you all the required materials.

5. The only exception for using worldedit is for fixing raiding / griefing (Although you are strongly encouraged to use CoreProtect for that)

Rule of thumb is, when handling requests for help,
- Think about whether the players can do it by themselves

If they can do it by themselves (but do not know how to):
-> Teach them how to do whatever they requested by themselves
-> Make sure they understand so they do not have to ask you again in the future
-> E.g How to claim, how to add custom enchantments, etc

If they can't do it by themselves:
-> Chances are, you shouldn't be helping them do it either
-> E.g Clearing blocks with worldedit, overloading (custom) enchantments on items, etc

The only exception to this rule is if the issue is caused by a server bug:
E.g Removing claims after 90 days if it is not automatically removed, rolling back inventory after an unfair death, etc

Failure to comply with the rules above will first result in a warning. Further acts will result in a temporary or permanent demotion. All player rules apply to staff members as well. Should you be found to break any of them, you will face a warning or demotion. If in doubt, always ask the Owner.