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    Regarding ItalianNinja's Videos

    Posted by _Magician_ on Discord: ItalianNinjas Videos Its pretty hard to respond to the videos, based on the statement at the end that I / Ham5teak will do everything to discredit the videos. So, instead, shall we take a moment and consider reality. A delicately planned strategy to utilise me...
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    Greetings everyone, As a form of costumes and a competition to go with it, we're going to allow for 2 weeks access to the /panimation command, ending around October 25th, when the permission runs out, that's also the end of the competition. **__Rules/What's going on?__** /panimation is a...
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    How can I get my items back? Guide

    The command /back is not available for use, and honestly I'm not sure the exact reason myself, but from what I remember seeing somewhere, it might be that using /back to get the items wasn't always a reliable feature. As a work around, you have 2 options to do yourself for easier retrieval of...