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    Staff problem

    Staff application can be made through the link in Ham5teak's discord 'Announcement' section. Please join the discord for more information and other support. Discord Server Link:
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    Please make a ticket in the server's Discord. Do -new in #Support. Discord server link:
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    World Edit in Ham5teak Creative?

    You gonna need to either buy the temporary world edit in "/tokens shop" or buy a permanent world edit in the server donation shop ( Do remember that world edit is only available in Creative only.
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    i forgot my password

    Hi there, try using this link to join the server's discord. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
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    I forgot my account password

    Player made a ticket in Discord, thread locked.
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    I forgot my account password

    Hi there, sorry for the late reply, please make a ticket in our Discord server (link here: and make a ticket with "-new" in #support channel for further assistance. You can just ping me after making a ticket.
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    Minigames Not Popular

    If you have any suggestion for Minigames, feel free to share us your thought.
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    villager defense

    Villager Defense's Store is currently still in configuring states and still haven't implement it in game, we're now collecting extra suggestion for the kits for Villager Defense too in Discord. If you are interested, please join the server Discord Channel for the newest update, link as below...
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    Staff request (Important for staff)

    If you want to apply for staff, please fill the following form and make sure that you have a play time in the server for at least 2 weeks before applying for staff. (Staff application for February/March is closing soon...
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    how to get account

    You're welcome. If you have any other issue, feel free to join the discord server for further support.
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    how to get account

    If it's the first time that you're joining the server and it shows "/login" instead of "/register", it means the username had been taken/used by other players, try using a different username to join the server then.
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    how to get account

    Join the server with either premium/cracked account and register in hub with the command /register [password].
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    More Space To Build

    Do /is upgrade to expand the island border, u can expand till more than 300x300 (gonna be broke afterward ngl)
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    New Custom Boss ???

    Fight ender dragon then :v
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    Revenge - CaptainSparklez

    Side to side, side side to side