Ham5teak 2nd Anniversary Speech [18 July 2019]

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Hello everyone,

Today we celebrate the official anniversary of Ham5teak! Now, get ready for a really long speech that you will most likely not want to read.

Early Beginnings
Our server started back in 18 July 2017, when some kid decided, "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to just start a Minecraft server?". Of course, we had no money back then so we asked around, and this really nice person called Nelly decided to loan us a server for free on the condition that we start paying back once we become self-sustaining (donations).

We had 3 months. It wasn't easy, really, but we eventually made it! $10/month in donations after 3 months was a huge achievement considering how our entire playerbase consisted of only about 4 players at any one time. Back then, Survival and Skyblocks were merged together and it was all pretty messy. We had a decent developer (not Reinassance at that time), and a few good staff members like Reflxction.

The Middle Ages
Well, this part is kinda long. Very...