Ban on 0-tick Crop Farms

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As of 20 April 2019, Ham5teak is banning the creation and usage of any 0-tick farm. A 0-tick farm is defined as a type of farm which forces crops to grow at extreme speeds by extending and retracting pistons near the crop very quickly. This method forces the crop to update very frequently resulting in an insanely productive farm.

However, the excessive use of pistons in this type of farming brings about lag to the server, which affects other players, especially during peak periods. Moreover, the high council of Ham5teak has ruled it to be an exploit after much consideration due to it upsetting the server economy in many ways.

As such, we will be giving all players a 3-day grace period to remove any of such farms. Any of such farms found to be in existence after this period will be forcefully removed with worldedit, and the constructor and users of such farms may be banned for exploiting game mechanics.

We hope that you, as players, will understand why we have come up with...